Rwanda Safaris – Gorilla Safaris, Why and When to Visit Rwanda?

Get a tailor made gorilla safari Experience with Rwanda safaris to Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. we also have special offers for Gorilla tracking tours & Honeymoons in Africa.

Rwanda has got a number of attractions to offer to the Visitors, from the rear Mountain Gorilla Tracking, beautiful Golden monkeys, the Grave hike of Dian Fossy a primatologist who fought Mountain Gorilla Poaching and selling between 1967 to 1985. Visit 25% of the Africa’s Primates in Nyungwe Forest National Park which is one of the best place for Primate watch in Africa with troops of Colobus. The canopy walk takes you through the Adventures of Bird watching of colorful Birds in the forest canopy. Akagera National Park is the Rwanda’s savanna national Park with a number of Wildlife and a series of Rivers and Swamps with a number of Swamp and Savannah birds. Rwanda is also a great Cultural Destination for Cultural Safaris with a number of presentation which includes Music, Dance and Drama and a number cultural Museums were they are able to explain their origin. So get prepared not only to a gorilla tour or Chimpanzee Tracking but for a great Rwanda Safari at large.

Gorilla Safaris

Gorilla Safaris

One of the continent’s top Gorilla safari destinations, Volcanoes National parks is one of the Most Accessible Park for Gorilla Trekking in Africa with a number of Gorilla Families that is easy to access after a few hour Drive from

Rwanda Safaris


Prepare to experince the best primate watch on the Rwanda Safaris with 25% of African Primates found in nyungwe National Park. with gorilla and Golden Monkey Trekking in Volcanoes National Park …..

Uganda Safaris


Get a discounted Ugandasafari to Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking, Adventures in white water Rafting, Mountain Hiking, Bird watching and Cultural Safaris with the our experienced local guides as they take you through “The Pearl of Africa”

Why Visit Rwanda?

cultural dance in rwandaOne of the continent’s top Gorilla safari destinations, Volcanoes National parks is one of the Most Accessible Park for Gorilla Trekking in Africa with a number of Gorilla Families that is easy to access after a few hour Drive from Kigali International AirPort. This makes it the number one choice Gorilla Trekking Destinations in Africa for your holiday. Virunger’s Parc De Volcanoes is covered by bamboo Forests in which the legacy of Dian Fossey was left when she was doing her study on the endangered Mountain Gorilla for 20 years. During her stay She also fought the selling and Poaching of the Mountain Gorilla. This is where shooting ‘Gorillas in the Mist. Was derived from which now stands as a tourist attraction to see one of the most memorable wildlife encounters on earth in the Virungas rainforest. Depending on Your choice, Rwanda Safaris also offer combined East African destinations of Kenya Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda and Big Game watch in Africa and coastal beaches for the best experience in Africa. Inquire for a safari today

What you need to know?

Rwanda Culture

rwanda-cultureCultural Tourism in Rwanda is not only what you see but this what they people were and are and what they will always be. Culture is an integral part of the local people in Rwanda, It is an in born thing that is engraved in the blood of each in born and they love it. This is truly expressed in singing, Dancing they use of the local tools. Local herbs for medical purposes has kept the true African Culture in their blood and it is out of this vigor that they feel that they people who visit Rwanda need to see the hidden Treasure of happiness that lies deep inside the true Africa Culture. And when you come, they organize presentations were they Dance to the local Drums and and welcome anyone to join them in a dance for it is a dance of Happiness and they feel that for you to embrass this happiness is by you getting involved in the Dance. You may give the camera to your Guide to capture the best experience. For it is a once in a life time Adventure. You can Contact us and Request for a Safaris with us including a cultural Adventure. Read More >>

Why Us?

For 11 years we are dedicated to offer the Most Affordable African Safari Experience in “The Big 5″ Game Viewing, Gorilla Safaris in Africa, White Water Rafting on the World’s Longest River The Nile, Scheduled Safaris and Short Tours in Uganda and Rwanda. We are a safari Company that is completely down to earth and use knowledgeable local Safari guides to give you the very first hand information on all that you need to know about Africa’s Wildlife, Culture and ready to answer any of your burning questions. We are the most flexible safari company which has both scheduled and tailor made trips. We offer quality safaris that take you for the best Gorilla Trekking experience in Uganda and Rwanda. We also customize your safari, taking care of everything that you may want to be included in the Safari Itinerary.

Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla Trekking is one great experience that you should not miss out on your itinerary if you have chosen Uganda 0r Rwanda as your safari Destination in Africa. Gorillas in the Wild are one fascinating primates in sight, Unlike other game viewing adventures, Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda and Uganda is done in Mountain since that is their Natural habitat.

How is Gorilla Tracking done?

Gorilla Tracking involves a number of stages and rules to follow during the activity so as to ensure the continuous existing of these primates in the Wild. The very first stage is habituation; this is the process in which gorillas are introduced to human presence. This takes time. In most cases it may take 2 to 3 years or less depending on the gorilla family reaction to people. Read more about Gorilla habituation

Having got used to humans, Gorillas are now free to be visited by tourists and the number of tourists to visit a given gorilla family group is not supposed to be more than 8. However they are a number of habituated Gorilla families a tourist has a chance to visit at least one of them. The maximum time take for visitor to spend with the animals is one hour; this is to reduce the chances of theme contracting disease from humans and on the same not visitor is to be more than 7 ft from the gorillas.

How does a Gorilla Tracking day begin?

A day of Gorilla Tracking starts with briefing at the tracking headquarters where a number of rules are read to you and distributed to your responsible that your tour operator will have a booked for you at the moment of paying for your permittee while arranging your safari.

With your guide and porters who will be able to carry your bags when your are tired an epic journey begins to track for the last mountain Gorillas in the Wild. Armed with the sickle the guide will cut down some vains to make a path for you.

He will be able to identify signs of Gorilla Presence in the area from the dung, nests , Broken vains and bitten path where they may have passed.

After Tracking Gorillas, you will be given Gorilla certificates that indicate that you have taken part in the Mountain Gorilla conservation