About Us

Who are and What We Do?

Adventure Trails is an adventure safari company that travelers have trusted since 1996. Our thousands of past clients make us by far the largest Adventure Company in East Africa, with more dedicated and consistent repeat clients in Uganda and Rwanda than anyone else. The principal difference these days is that we now provide Safaris not only to get you safely from point A to B, but also to help organize your tour and even include anything you would want on a safari be community interaction, cultural exploration or even visiting children at school and home without necessarily impacting negatively any eco system and cultural life. The Adventure trails company really can offer you everything you need! We provide exceptional knowledge and advice on travel and transport issues, security concerns, what to expect and updates on the country’s security and safety situations. Our travel advisories are not biased and give timely travel conditions and situation in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.


Safari Organizers

We organize tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Our safaris are conducted in 4×4 safari vehicles with pop up roof ideal for game viewing. Our experienced tour guides at Adventure trails brings together the most diverse, efficient and comprehensive tourism service from a complete native perspective. The greatest asset of adventure trails is its team. The guests interact only with the best and more knowledgeable especially when it comes to the tour guides. Whether you want to plan the perfect honeymoon, the daring African adventure holiday, the ultimate African safari or a unique family vacation, Adventure Trails offers it all. Our safaris cater for diverse needs and wants of today’s travelers and holiday makers. These include photographic African safaris, eco tourism, adrenaline expeditions, African jungle tours and adventure travel among others. All our trips are tailor-made to our guests’ specifications – so no two trips will ever be alike. Whatever your special interest, we have something that will meet your needs. We do all the research, plan your itinerary, provide necessary information and cover all details. All you need to do is pack your bag and prepare for the African vacation of a lifetime.

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Experience Tells it………

Adventure trails is run by people who know East African countries especially Uganda, Rwanda and Congo intimately, who have lived there and who know the people and places. It is run by people who were born and raised in Africa and who continue to travel all around the region – not only to refresh their knowledge, but predominantly because of the love and passion that they have for its areas. We are members of AUTO, UTA, ATTA, and ATG and we sponsor Africa Bird Club, nature Uganda, Nature Kenya, and also 10% of our proceeds go to helping Hand Foundation to help the lives of the forgotten Children. We can’t talk much about ourselves more than our client’s testimonials.


The Art of Discovery

Experience has an intrinsic value and at Adventure Trails we are able to convey this advantage to our clients. After all, we have spent 20 years uncovering all the unique destinations Africa has to offer. Over the past two decades, we have invested great effort developing resourceful networks among the leading hospitality providersLet our experience serve as a guide to discovering the treasures of Africa.Our strong record of achievement provides a solid foundation for the future. We are committed to offering you the latest product rage available in the tour and safari industry. Adventure Trails’ dedication to service ensures client satisfaction today and repeat business tomorrow.Adventure Trails provides guided tours for the most attractive sites in east Africa. Our team of seasoned tour guides will make your safari an unforgettable and life time experience. We welcome individuals, couples, families, and groups. Our guided tours and safaris are available in a variety of languages, and our individual services include unique cultural packages and many more.