Golden Monkey Tracking in Uganda and Rwanda

golden monkey$50 in Uganda $100 in Rwanda is the cost of a Golden Monkey Tracking permit. They considered to be rear and their survival threatened in the Wild. In Uganda they can be found in Mghinga National Park while in Rwanda they are found in Parc De Volcans.  Golden Monkeys are one of the old-world monkey. They are were thought to be a subspecies of Blue monkeys because they look a like in most of things but differ in the colour of their coat. Their habitant is restricted in bamboo forested Mountains and can only be sighted in Rwanda, Uganda and D.R Congo.

A tracking of these primates is done in the same way as Gorillas of starting from where they were left the previous day, identifying their droppings bamboo shoots eaten. The maximum time spent watching them is 1 hour.

What to carry?
Just like for chimp and Gorilla Tracking you will need a camera and a rain gear, some water bottles. Note that you should not litter anything on your way. Are not supposed to feed these primate things like bananas, apples or any other edible this will protect them from Human related disease.
In order not to interfere with other wildlife out there you are supposed to put on dull clothes.

Why do Golden Monkey Tracking?
For an all round Primate experience in Africa, Golden Monkey Tracking should be included on your safari in Uganda on Rwanda. This is good since both can be added on the day or the next day after Gorilla Tracking.

Since they are rear and can only be found in these three countries in the world, their is a need to protect and preserve these pretty primates for future generations and a visit to them provides the necessary funding to protect them by the conservation organizations protecting the park.

Possible Safari

Gorilla and Golden Monkey Trek Safari (4 Days)