Gorilla Tracking/trekking

Gorilla Trekking is one great experience that you should not miss out on your itinerary if you have chosen Uganda 0r Rwanda as your safari Destination in Africa. Gorillas in the Wild are one fascinating primates in sight, Unlike other game viewing adventures, Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda and Uganda is done in Mountain since that is their Natural habitat.

How is Gorilla Tracking done?

Gorilla Tracking involves a number of stages and rules to follow during the activity so as to ensure the continuous existing of these primates in the Wild. The very first stage is habituation; this is the process in which gorillas are introduced to human presence. This takes time. In most cases it may take 2 to 3 years or less depending on the gorilla family reaction to people. Read more about Gorilla habituation

Having got used to humans, Gorillas are now free to be visited by tourists and the number of tourists to visit a given gorilla family group is not supposed to be more than 8. However they are a number of habituated Gorilla families a tourist has a chance to visit at least one of them. The maximum time take for visitor to spend with the animals is one hour; this is to reduce the chances of theme contracting disease from humans and on the same not visitor is to be more than 7 ft from the gorillas.

How does a Gorilla Tracking day begin?

A day of Gorilla Tracking starts with briefing at the tracking headquarters where a number of rules are read to you and distributed to your responsible that your tour operator will have a booked for you at the moment of paying for your permittee while arranging your safari.

With your guide and porters who will be able to carry your bags when your are tired an epic journey begins to track for the last mountain Gorillas in the Wild. Armed with the sickle the guide will cut down some vains to make a path for you.

He will be able to identify signs of Gorilla Presence in the area from the dung, nests , Broken vains and bitten path where they may have passed.

After Tracking Gorillas, you will be given Gorilla certificates that indicate that you have taken part in the Mountain Gorilla conservation

Places where Mountain Gorilla Tracking is Done.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking activity can only be found in Africa and only three countries. That is Uganda, Rwanda and D.R Congo.
In Rwanda, the Trek is done in Volcanoes National Park. In Uganda, Tracking is done in two national parks of Mghinga with only one gorilla family and Bwindi with over 10 habituated Gorilla groups. Congo is another place where tracking is done but due to political instability the trek is done on the visitors risk. Even though it is not safe, people who go there to trek Gorillas mainly the Americans report that the place is good and Adventurous.