Lake Kivu is the country’s largest water body and takes up about half of Rwanda’s western bordern.  It actually lies on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, and is now of the string of inland seas that submerge much of the Albertine Rift floor north of Zambia and south of Sudan. It is also very beautiful, with its deep blue water hemmed in by steeply terraced escarpments containing several peaks of 2800 m or higher and the northern shore overlooked by the smoking outline of Nyiragongo Volcano. With its attractively irregular shoreline lined by verdant slopes and sandy beaches, Kivu has long served as a popular weekend retreat for residents of Rwanda. There are 3 main resort towns on Rwandan lakeshore, of which Gisenyi is the best and most varied tourist facilities, due to the proximity to the popular Volcanoes National Parks. It is a home to unspoilt beaches where you won’t have to fight for a spot to laze on them. Cyangugu can be visited in conjuction with Nyungwe National Park and Butare, and Kibuye has advantage of being far closer to Kigali.

lake Kivu


*Stipp Hotel is a small, comfortable hotel based in Gisenyi, a sleepy town not far from the beach of Lake Kivu

*Lake Kivu Serena Hotel stands on the white sandy shores of Lake Kivu, the sixth largest lake in Africa, and surrounded by extensive tropical gardens, just outside the small town of Gisenyi, which is 160km from Kigali

*Paradise Malahide is located in a small village called Rubona, about 7km south from the centre of the Gisenyi.